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My sister loves to style my outfits and do hair and makeup that I would never do myself.  Letting someone creative have free rein sometimes allows you to see yourself in a completely different way.  Imagine my shock when I saw these photos . . .

summer photo shoot

. . . of myself!

styled photo shoot

Of course, with a completely different look, you have to get in character.  Also, my sister has an amazing way of bringing a whole different attitude out of me.

full length

lace vest

eclectic summer shoot

summer fashion

braided hair

Top: Hollister

Vest: The Free People

Necklace:  Mom’s closet, an old ceramic piece from the Dominican Republic

Skirt: Dot’s, Victoria B.C.

Shoes: Enzo Angiolini

I am dreaming and wishing for the return of summer more than ever!

I love your comments and value your visits!  Thanks for all of your feedback over the past year.  I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my blogging friends in 2014.   Follow me by email by clicking the button at the top right of this post, or on Instagram @something_cliche  

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Where to Buy: Foxy Red Jeans

My mission: to find the best pair of jeans in one evening, in one mall. In my post, Top Ten Fall Fashion Trends, I mentioned red. Also, Terry Fox Day is this Friday at my school. My house color happens to be… red. So, in furtherance of both top fashion trends and cancer prevention, I set about to get myself the perfect pants for this event. And so, I have done the legwork for you. If anyone is looking for red jeans, read up.

My inspiration

My Inspiration

Since I had to be fast, I went to the Upper Canada Mall, in the heart of scenic Newmarket, Ontario. (Chuckle) Actually, it’s a pretty good mall because it serves a large surrounding area and has a good selection of popular retail chains. Store names in boldface type below are the ones that have red jeans.

Dynamite: Usually I find all sorts of great stuff that’s really on trend at this favorite Canadian chain, but no red jeans for me today. Loads of other stuff for me to come back for, though, when I have more time/money.

H&M: Nice fit, well-priced

H&M. I tried these pinkish-red jeans on there and they were my top choice for a long time. They had lots of stretch for a snug fit. They weren’t the dark red I was looking for but I will say that H&M has a decent selection of different types of red jeans, and all priced right of course. Slight gaping at the top of the zipper bothered me a little, but they were still nice pants.

American Eagle, Banana Republic, Guess and Costa Blanca: I tried these stores and they seem to have ignored the red trend – at least, at this mall they did.

Down we went to the lower floor to the little sister of Dynamite, Garage. Garage had a nice pair of red jeans for under $40. The red was not as orangey as some, but still not quite the color I was looking for. I tried on this one:

Garage–red jeans, good value. (Yes, okay, I did try this sweater on too.)

I put it on hold because it was a fairly nice pant and I knew that I would have been happy with it.

Next stop, GAP. At GAP we are up into the $70-$80 price range. I tried on three styles, one of which was a dark red fine-wale corduroy. It was so soft! Another interesting red pant at GAP featured a 6-inch zipper up the inside of the ankle. I put pants on hold at GAP as well. Their pants were very nice and fit well. If you’re looking for red pants, check them out.

Gap Zippered Jean. Very nice.

Forever XXI: Normally, I love Forever 21. And believe me, I didn’t leave empty-handed, but the cut of their red jeans was awkward in that they were very narrow from the knee down, yet loose in the hips. My knees and calves aren’t exactly chunky in comparison with my hips, so I don’t know who these pants would fit. Unfortunately, this was a recurring problem with pants at many stores.

Forever XXI. Red Jeans only for those with unnaturally tiny calves!

Old Navy wins the prize for best selection of colours of jeans in any store. The skinny leg “Sweetheart” jean was a great dark red and had serious potential but would this chain please get it together on sizing? You can be one

Old Navy Rockstar Jean, under $20 in any colour!

size of jean in one pair and then be three entire sizes different in another so that you can’t even buy a pant in their store. Too bad. Anyway, I did put a really nice quality fine-wale cord on hold in this store as well.

Old Navy dark red corduroys fit well


After I stopped staring at the poster on the way into Hollister (girls – don’t deny it–you know what I mean.) and passed the (tall dark and handsome) greeter, my eyes were finally able to focus on red jeans. Wait, first I have to mention, that store smells so good! Hollister had two pairs that looked promising:
1. A nice dark, rich red skinny jean
2. A similar jean with a small navy blue polka-dots
The second wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but they were so sweet I had to try them.

These jeans are so flattering!

The instant I put them on, I knew. As if it were instinct! Hollister’s dark red skinny jeans were a cut above all of the other jeans I tried on. The fit was perfect and flattering with a narrow rolled-up ankle that can be rolled down for a longer jean later in the season. It was one of those “omg this is actually perfect how did I miss this before?!” moments. It wasn’t just my body shape fitting these jeans, they were actually better designed than any of the other jeans I tried on. A pleasant surprise awaited me at the cash register (no, not another of their choice male cashiers): although marked at $70, they were actually on sale so I snagged them for $50, which I consider decent given how nice these were.

Red Hollister Jeans from back

So, I did not have to stop at Canuck favorite Joe Fresh, where I might have found them for a very good price. If anybody has seen red jeans at Joe Fresh this fall, let me know in the comments below.

I love these jeans!

Terry Fox, no one does this much research before running your marathon. I call it dedication.

Like always, follow me on Instagram @something_cliche 🙂

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Top Ten Fall Fashion Trends

Fall has arrived with a renewal of my passion for fashion.  I nearly cried when I first touched that fall bible of international style, the revered “September Issue” of American Vogue.   My heart pounded when I browsed the stores and saw what I could buy, if only I could justify when I would wear all of that!  I cleaned my closet (now we KNOW something’s afoot for sure).   Philanthropic tip:  donate your dated clothing to Between Friends, a Toronto area charity that trucks it to northern communities that don’t have a Goodwill or Salvation Army on every other corner.

I tried to limit my choices to five, but I couldn’t!

Now to begin the terrific task of refilling my closet judiciously in such a way as to distill the essence of my top ten favourite trends!

Top ten trends:

1.     Oversized black and white houndstooth  Houndstooth is a fantastic timeless trend that you will never really have to throw away if you spend your hard-earned dollars on it.  But this year, it is raging!  It doesn’t need to be black and white, but b&w is best because it goes with anything.

You can get a new piece of houndstooth clothing.  Or, you can get the effect with a well-chosen accessory such as a scarf, shoes or bag.  I am lucky enough to already have in my closet this loud ‘n proud handbag, and if I put it with all black, or any combination of black, white and electric blue, I will be right on trend.

2.     Black leather leggings  I am thrilled to say that I already have a pair of these on hand. (Thanks to my sister!)  This trend has been going on for some time but I would say that black leather leggings have quickly become such a fashion classic that they have a few good years’ wear in them and would be a great thing to purchase now if I didn’t already have them.  Can’t wait to pair them with white shirts, blue denim-type shirts, electric blue and all manner of oversized blouses.

Style tip:  When you wear narrow on the bottom, wear loose and breezy on top.  When you wear snug and sexy on top, balance it with loose and casual on the bottom.  This keeps it classy and is a basic style principle that will keep you from making  a bad fashion statement.

3.     Blue denim shirts  I went crazy for this trend in the spring, and am still crazy!  I picked up this blue linen-blend denim-look shirt at Banana Republic.  They put everything on sale every week, so how could I not, I ask you?

4.     Red!  Every fall, tastemakers declare red to be the new black, or something like that.  It is as regular as the nautical look coming in for spring!  However, THIS year is truly different.  First of all, red lipstick, and not just as a runway matter.  People are really wearing it; even try two-toned lips as in these photos:  

Are we seeing an influence from The Hunger Games?

Another thing about red:  red pants!  My favourite is this gorgeous Marciano ad where it is paired with a girly pink furry jacket I would die for.  Red with pink!  It’s true love and you can pull it out for Christmas and Valentine’s day every year after.  What a deal.

Last, but definitely not least, deeper red leather pants, jeans, and leather jackets.  I am gonna point you straight to good ol’ H&M for this trend, because they are overflowing with red leather and leatherette, in the best of styles.

5.     Black sheer blouses  Mom says “no” but I say “yeah”!  I have yet to find the perfect specimen, but do intend to wear it with trend no. 2, above, when I do! Tell me if you find anything like this: 

6.    Chunky white Fisherman-Knit style sweaters  Michael Kors, you just know what a woman wants, and you did it again.  Kors is not the only designer brightening fall with this cozy look.  Anyone who finds a knock-off that’s really affordable, let me know in the comments section, below.

7.    Scent of a Man  Who doesn’t love the sultry smell of a sexy guy?  If you don’t have one of your own, just wear his fragrance and you will feel the subconscious sense that you have him with you all the time.  I love to wear Old Spice Playmaker, and to spray Banana Republic Wildblue on my pillow (don’t tell my mom).

8.     Snake motifs Last year, snakeskin was all over skirts, belts and pants as a print.  My favourite place to wear a snake is as a bracelet.  It subtly implies that you have a snake wrapped around your wrist and would be waaaaaaaaaay more comfortable than this:

This 1981 photo does prove, however, the timelessness of wearing snake.

9.      Overscale Crosses  These can be worn as jewelry, on a long necklace, or as a motif on a shirt.  Nobody assume anything religious if I wear this trend:  it’s all about style, sort of like Christmas is all about Santa!

10.     Vera Wang  I don’t care if she’s not new for fall.  Her wedding dresses are both an art form, and  a condition of my future marriage.  Her dresses are on my top fall trends list regardless!

If you are looking to elevate your instinct for fashion this week, take note of the 175th Anniversary Celebration Friday, September 6 at Holt Renfrew, 50  Bloor Street West, Toronto.

Follow me on Instagram @something_cliche and tell me your favourite fall 2012 trends in the comments area, below.

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