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Flowers in July

How did everyone in the Northeast survive this heat wave that’s just ending? In this staggering humid heat it is a challenge to dress in any way that feels breezy enough and doesn’t stick to your body.

I solved this problem by visiting Anthropologie, one of the stores that doesn’t just mark down all their summer stuff and bring in fall at this point in the summer. I love stores that remember we are still trying to stay cool and stay in season and that we just want to see something new in the middle of the season.

IMG_20130713_132756 (1)

For staying cool in my summer travels, I picked up this breezy, loose, chiffon floral top. I am just loving the trend for tiny, old-fashioned florals — so feminine! It is a real contrast to most of my fashion experience to date.

For a modern twist, I added this white, cream and gold oversized necklace, also from Anthropologie.


Shirt: Anthropologie

Shorts: Wal-Mart

Necklace: Anthropologie

Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Aldo

Does anyone recognize from these pictures where I was on the weekend?

Lovers of style, how are you staying cool this summer?

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(Going) Out-Skirts and The Fringes

Yesterday I went to dinner at the home of family friends.  It was another holiday celebration-type event, with exquisite food but open to a range of dressed-up casual.

Naturally, I took this as an opportunity to wear an outfit that I had not yet had a chance to test drive!

Fantastic trends I love in this combo:  electric blue, black and white houndstooth, fringey shirts, leather-trimmed items.  I kept this outfit unified by choosing my all-silver cross so as not to take away from the black and blues, and I added the crystal bracelet set from The Bay for the same reason.

What I’m Wearing

Necklace: Forever XXI

Crystal bracelets:  The Bay

Shirt: My mom’s design

Skirt: Dot’s, Victoria B.C.

Shoes: Lindsay Phillips from Town Shoes

Houndstooth Purse:  Nine West

Alpaca Scarf:  Sentaler

I wanted to be dressed-up enough to show the hosts I appreciated being a part of their dinner party, respectable enough to hang out with conservative, older professionals and still dress my age (YOUNG!!) at the same time!  Do you think I hit the mark?  Please share how YOU would handle these dressing demands by commenting below.

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Trend Update: Bejewelled Cross

In my last post, I mentioned that I did not come out of Forever XXI empty-handed.  Well, who does?

Inspiration. There’s always an inspiration.

The find!

Actually, in pursuit of my Top Ten Fall Fashion Trends for 2012, I snagged the jewels to make Trend No. 9 a reality.  Again, my inspiration, left.  My find, right!

This piece can be worn with any dress or top in any of the colours in the cross, but most stunningly over black.

My version of the look

Tree hugger…?

And look what else I found!

A small kiosk on the lower floor at Upper Canada Mall was selling these cute iPhone cases. Giftable?

Have you bought into the trend of overscale crosses this year?  What do you think about this look?  Comment below and if you like this post, please follow me by clicking the “follow” button in the right-hand margin.

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