Welcome to my blog!

I go to high school in the Toronto area and I want to share with everyone my adventures in the fashion world, and to feature style resources, fashion ideas and a whole world of related resources that I build with you, my readers.

My fashion vision is a form of self-expression which can change according to anything from your mood to the weather.

My taste is changing all the time as I learn as much as I can in fashion. I aspire to have a career in fashion some day when I’m a journalist.

I will share any interesting fashion discoveries and outfits that I like with my followers, as well as my shopping experiences.

I will try my best to find and feature beautiful things on my blog

Our favorite stores: this is a list that i’m going to develop with you, my readers. If I find a great store that nobody should miss or you tell me about one and I love it, then I will add it to this special list so that we can all share the best stores around.

So follow me and lead me too, by sharing your ideas and telling me what fashion topics you would like to see discussed on this blog.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Congratulations on a productive “career” as a blogger, with a substantial following and a number of great awards, and you’re still a busy student. Wow! Thanks for clicking “Follow” on the Garden Club blog although it seems a stretch from your usual fashion interests. We’ll be checking out your future posts as well; right after we try out that cool “newspaper nails” manicure.

  2. Thanks for following my site! you are very lovely, and being from Michigan I am rather fond of Canada – Toronto is a beautiful city! Ask my wife when I start singing your national anthem for no apparent reason. 😉

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