Style in The Neighbourhood

I was so psyched last Saturday to attend The Neighbourhood concert in Toronto with my sister (second photo below).

top shop skirt joe fresh top ardene tights

Ready to go (:

We went for dinner at Hemmingway’s in Toronto on the way to the concert, which is always a good place if you enjoy a crowd.

the neighbourhood concert toronto

With my sister (right) at the concert.

the neighbourhood at the sound academy

The Neighbourhood

Jesse rutherford the neighbourhood sweater weather tumblrI think I’m in love with their lead singer, Jesse Rutherford.

What I wore:

Shirt: Joe Fresh

Skirt: TopShop

Tights: Ardene

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Ottawa Fashion Week

The week now ending has been an important one in the world of Canadian fashion.  Designers release their newest collections for the season six months ahead at Fashion Week, and Ottawa is the first Canadian city to hold its fashion week, giving us a taste of what is to come from our local talent.

This season, I walked for Canadian designer KLATT on the Thursday night of fashion week.  It is difficult to describe the positive energy of preparing for these shows and being a part of this event.

Klatt runway show


Klatt’s styles are knitwear:  comfortable, imaginative and yet very wearable.  I enjoyed working with this talented new designer.

black dress

Klatt runway show 2

See if you can spot me prepping backstage:  Video

Wine and refreshments were served to guests who came dressed to kill or not dressed up at all and a gala dinner was available for those inclined to further celebration.  My time available for this event was brief but I was inspired by the designers, hairstylists, makeup artists and all the creative talent that went into it.  “Fashion Week” sounds intimidating to lots of people I think, but what a great night out.  I really recommend getting out to one of these if you haven’t been!

Challenges of this job:  how to get your hair back to normal:0ec68414-618a-40b4-8213-d4c1f942dbba 98215a59-25df-4b13-8490-9b3c97e858c7

Klatt show finale

Can you spot me in the finale “lineup”?

Have you been to fashion week in your city?  Would you wear this hair?

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Amp it up!

Waaay back in February I was in an event for Redken. I haven’t had a chance to post about it but, since the look is quite different from my usual, I thought I would share these pictures with you.

glamorous hair

Makeup was done by renowned Canadian makeup artist and hair stylist Taca Ozawa.

makeup artist

models backstage

Models waiting backstage

RAC models
photo (72)










The look was a bit more embellished for me and I think it gives me a completely different attitude. For the show, I had to wear it with a simple, black dress, but it would have gone with more of a glammed-up outfit, for sure!Redken hair

What do you think? Do you like this look better, or prefer the “au naturel” version?

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Retail Alert: hr2!

I wanted to skip school on Friday. Coincidentally, Friday was the opening of hr2 in the Toronto area, the lower-priced line of Holt Renfrew stores. Hr2 now has two stores open: one at Quartier DIX30 in Montreal, Quebec and the other in Vaughan Mills Mall near Toronto.  Also–near ME!

hr2 vaughan mills

Hr2 is more price-conscious than the original Holt Renfrew, with flashing signs telling you the prices. It is the same sort of fantastic, well-chosen collection of clothing but at a price appropriate for the consumer without unlimited spending money yet.

pink tartan at hr2

The new store carries some familiar labels and also some fresh, new ones that you don’t see everywhere else.  How refreshing in our chain-store brand-saturated world!  There is a men’s department as well and a great selection of accessories.

djs at hr2 vaughan mills

DJs at the entrance to hr2

Definitely worth checking out for those looking for something new, lots of selection in one place and a cost-conscious approach to all of the latest!

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Vintage Inspiration for Semi-Formal


It has been a long time since I posted, as I look at the date of my last post.  The holiday season is over and we are well into the activities of the New Year–and most importantly (just kidding, world literacy is way more important!) the dressing that goes along with those current activities!

I have been busy these few weeks, readers, and you know I would never galavant around town without sharing it all with you, so I am pleased to tell you that I have topics and clothing to share for a few posts to come!

My school has its Semi-Formal earlier than most, and that stellar event was January 25.  For Semi, we are still deeply into winter dressing, although we are looking at magazines filled with flower prints and bright, summer colours.  I picked up this black and gold dress from Zara as the basis for my Semi look.

Things that made me buy this dress:

*     hip detail reminiscent of a peplum that is not an actual peplum (my deep, dark secret, readers:  although peplums are very much “in” and people should wear them, I personally am not a fan of them for my own wardrobe and do not wear them.   Sorry folks, I can’t love every fashion trend!)  This allows me to allude to the trend without actually wearing the dreaded peplum.

*     slim, flattering cut, different from some of my recent outfits

*     black:  most people seemed to be planning to wear white, so I wanted to be different

*     small chain detail on either hip above half-peplum:  I loved this because it was that little “something extra” you want for Semi, and it also gave me direction for accessories and an overall “look”

After pondering my options, I decided on an overall look that would be all sleek and urban.  To that end, I went to my black stilettos and had my hair completely straightened.  I also decided to keep colours to a classic and always winter-perfect black and gold combination.

The peplum mimics an hourglass shape popular in the late 50s, and the “little black dress” effect, I thought, was very Audrey Hepburn / Holly Golightly  in overall mood, if not detail.  Notice the eyeliner in the video!  Regular readers will know of my love of this era of vintage inspiration, especially through Lana Del Rey, who brings these influences to the attention of my generation.  So, I went for a matte, pinky-flesh-toned lip and a black, dramatic, cat-eye liner!   And a generous dusting of gold powder here, there and everywhere!

For jewelry, I wanted to repeat two themes:  the black and gold, and the chain detail.  I nixed a larger gold chain my mom picked up from Forever XXI and chose this subtle and ladylike tri-colour gold necklace from her closet instead.  But I did not feel like the outfit had enough pizzaz yet.   Perhaps it was too ladylike and tame.   It needed something to give it a bit more flair, and my arms were still too bare.  One more furtive trip into that treasure trove, the Mom’s Closet, and I scored this vintage 80s bracelet.


I know, Mom, you tried to keep me out of your stuff, but I promise to wear the Forever XXI necklace some other time.  As in: some other time when there isn’t something better in your closet 🙂

I have mentioned before that it is de rigeur in my North-of-Toronto fashion zone to wear bare legs, even in the dead of winter, and believe me, it was cold!


What time of year is your semi-formal?  What’s your favourite way to accessorize your “LBD”?  Share below, and follow your style instincts by email,  by clicking “follow” at right, and on Instagram @something_cliche

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Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down: 2012 Holiday Dressing

The season of holiday excursions is well upon us!  Once or twice a week, we pull things madly out of our closets and try to piece together a look for one of the many levels of festive that are called for in this season.

Sunday was the annual open house of family friends.  This is the kind of party where you could see people dressed in anything from sweatshirts and jeans to Yves St. Laurent and David Yurman.  In  my home, it is sort of a family policy that, when in doubt, take it up a notch.  Err on the side of more rather than less.  Compliment the efforts of your hosts by wearing clothes that say “your event is special”.

Alright, PERFECT excuse to wear this little skirt in my closet that I always want to wear, but seldom have an excuse (sound familiar?), and that can easily be dressed up or down.

This little skirt is a creation of my mom’s, actually.  She had gold lamé type fabric lying around the house, calling out to be used.  Just don’t even ask me!  I have worn this skirt before, dressed down a bit, with my T-Party tee shirt shown in this post.  For Sunday, though, I wanted to dress it up, so I went to my favourite and most convenient shopping resource, The Mother’s Closet, and found this black, boned ANNEX brand shirt.  This is a brand I’m not familiar with–has anyone else seen this around?

To fill in the open neck a little I did something I felt was odd but which worked:  I put my black and white sheer tank from Dynamite underneath.  I felt odd about adding black and white pattern to gold and black, but in fact I think the outfit might have been a little boring without this unexpected element.  Which goes to prove that you never know unless you try new things!


I like bare legs, but have started wearing tights because of fashion shows.  With this outfit, I wore black tights which I loved!  Since this isn’t a fashion show, though, I did forfeit my black stilettos before I left to avoid towering over other people my age, and wore my quilted black flats (right) that you also saw in my Marc Jacobs look post.

I took it easy on jewellery because a metallic skirt or top is like a jewel in and of itself and doesn’t necessarily need any more embellishment.

Styling Tip #1 Repeat any element of your outfit to get a really put-together impact.  You can easily see where I have repeated colour in this outfit (black, mostly), but note that the toe flower on the shoes is identical in shape to the flower appliques on the skirt.  Also, the flower is black but the gold metallic trim on the top of it is a little bonus, tying things tightly together in theme.

Styling Tip #2:  This year, glitz is considered perfectly casual, so don’t hesitate to mix tee-shirts with sequins and gold lamé with combat boots (which was a viable option here, as well)!!

A little dressed-up and a little dressed down was perfectly comfortable for a casual holiday drop-in.

Shirt:  Annex

Skirt:  My mom’s design

Shoes in photos:  Guess by Marciano

Shoes I wore:  Lindsay Phillips from Town Shoes

What do you do when you aren’t sure what other people will be wearing?  Do you have a strategy of your own for this situation?  Please share in the comments below.

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Party Dressing: Pretty with an Edge

I am in full-out exam and assignment mode, and am helping my mother prepare for holiday festivities at home, but I cannot neglect sharing my excursions with you as is my implied promise!  So this will be a very quick post to show you a different look that I wore with the dress featured in this recent post.

Last Saturday night was the date of a beautiful birthday party and dinner for a friend at school, held at the lovely King Valley Golf Course clubhouse in King City.  Happy birthday, “B”!!  Some people know how to throw a party, readers!

B's party outfit

For B’s party, I decided to go soft and feminine with this dress.  I switched over to nude pumps and bare legs.  I added this pink cameo-type necklace with the dark grey hematite necklace that you must realize by now is a favourite of mine, since I keep throwing it into every other outfit!  Pale pink or nude, with black and/or dark grey are one of the huge trends for holiday dressing, and also very, very feminine, yet the texture, weight and black leather details of this dress reference business wear and a little edginess as well.  I feel the dress is “ladylike” and that is the perfect note to hit for parties at golf course facilities, IMHO.  I didn’t have a soft and girly purse for this outfit, but adding burgundy to this colour combination makes it a little sultrier and less “sweet”, so I wore this vintage evening bag that I pilfered from my sister, and matched it with OPI nail polish colour “Susie Says Da” (can anyone explain that name?!).

Clutch and necklaces

Dress:  H&M

Shoes: Steve Madden

Cameo Necklace: vintage Holt Renfrew

Purse: Maurizio De Giacomi, from my sister’s closet

Nail colour:  OPI


Style Tip #1:  If you wear nude pumps and bare legs, your legs will look miles longer.  

Style Tip # 2:   Edgy WITH “sweet” is a great trend that won’t suffocate your inner feminist in pink fluff.

Check out my previous post on this dress per this link, and tell me:  Which way would you wear the dress?  Which of the two looks do you prefer?


At dinner

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Catwalk with a Conscience

Every year, my school holds a fashion show, “On the Catwalk, raising funds for a worthy cause in the GTA.  Area retailers contribute beautiful clothes to support the cause and showcase what they have in the pre-Christmas shopping season.  Past causes have included such things as medical research and organizations providing support for troubled youth.

This year’s event was held on November 29 in the school’s Performing Arts Centre and raised funds to support the upcoming service trip of a group of students traveling from the school to Kenya with Free the Children, to participate in building a school in that country.  This is part of an initiative intended to give “a hand up, not a hand out” to the people of that developing nation.   This trip is through Me to We.

The Performing Arts Centre was packed from top to bottom with fashion-conscious, charitable-minded show-goers.


Clothing from Trend boutique

Tuxedo Royale, Want

Clothing from Tuxedo Royale and Want Boutique

Over the Rainbow

Clothing from Over the Rainbow


Clothing from Injoy boutique

Lancaster Rose

Up and coming local band Lancaster Rose performed at the event


Another local talent performed as well

Your host, far right.
All clothes in this scene from The One and Only boutique


Thank you to participating area retailers, GraficInjoyLemonberryGirls and PearlsWant BoutiqueCrossingsTrendFlipsideTinge Boutique, The One and Only Clothing Store, Old NavyTuxedo Royale and Over the Rainbow.

If you are shopping in the GTA, I recommend checking out these global-minded stores, which are definitely a cut above in the style department.  Happy Christmas shopping and good luck with your holiday preparations!

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Dream Coats!

I attended another great Toronto event on Saturday:  an exclusive private showing of Sentaler alpaca coats for the designer’s clientele, held at the offices of Dr. Cory Torgerson on Yorkville Avenue.  This mingle and greet event gave Sentaler clients an opportunity to shop, enjoy an abundance of appetizers and refreshments, and to avail themselves of unlimited consultations and conversations with Dr. Torgerson about his repertoire of skincare and beauty services.

Alpaca coat designs on display

The event was well-attended by the designer’s and doctor’s clients, as well as fashion bloggers such as daintygirl.caDivaGirl Fitness and Fajo Magazine, and a pleasure to participate in .

With the talented makeup artist responsible for my look

Yours truly attended in her mannequin hat, not as a blogger, but hey!  I still want to share the secret of these beautiful Canadian designer coats–lightweight, flattering, environmentally friendly and cozy for our special brand of winter weather!

With fellow model Veronika

Electric blue alpaca cape coat: True Love!

Guests left the event with a gift bag of cutting-edge skin-care and beauty products and valuable coupons to take home!

At the beautiful offices of Dr. Torgerson

If you have never had a chance to try on these dream coats, and you live in the GTA, you can see the collection in person at the Designer Fair in King City November 20 and 21.

Until then, stay warm and follow me on Instagram at @something_cliche

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Walking a Runway Show for Canadian Designers

I love this dress! Wantwantwant.

The  Rachel Sin and Sentaler fashion shows at the Toronto International Women’s show proved to be a fantastic experience for all involved, and full of great surprises.  The venue was packed and the clothes were high quality, unique designs.  Good luck to these two designers in showing their spring 2013 collections at Toronto Fashion Week this week.

I met all these other wonderful local models, each of whom was professional, supportive and a joy to work with.

Thanks to all of you, and to Rachel Sin for making this such a great time.

I also met Wendy of  Inspire Cosmetics who provided the makeup for this event.

At the end of the last show on Sunday, as all the models were leaving, we had the lucky surprise of running straight into the guys from the Oshawa Firefighters‘ Calendar, who obliged us with some poses and photos!

The alpaca coats are SO nice! Check out the website!

Having my makeup done at Inspire Cosmetics.

Canadian designer Rachel Sin – look at her beautiful dress!

Tallest again 🙂

This is a short summary of a terrific event.  Good luck to my fellow models.  If you are looking for a truly flattering, quality fall or winter coat in Toronto, check out Sentaler and if you are looking for a special dress that is just a cut above in design, do not miss Rachel Sin’s beautiful things.  Places to buy can be found in her website, via the link above.

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