Scarlet: Glamour for Less at Vaughan Mills

Update: I’m sad to note that since this post, this store has closed, so there’s definitely room in the Vaughan area for a store providing less expensive party dresses.

If you haven’t got your prom dress yet, I don’t know why! But I am here to help.  Also, if you need to knock anyone’s socks off at a summer wedding or simply need to dress up and look your best without breaking the bank, then I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU!

scarlet vaughan mills

I went into Scarlet in the Vaughan Mills mall on a lark in the midst of shopping for a formal dress for an event.  Wowed by the first few dresses, I grabbed the tags on one, read them, blinked, read again…. My next words were:

“Mom, am I reading this right?  How much is this dress?”

dress from scarlet vaughan mills

Dearest readers:  this dress was ONE FIFTH of the price I was expecting it to be based on my prior shopping!

Scarlet is a new store at Vaughan Mills mall, and just one more reason that Vaughan Mills is better than ever before.  If you are on a budget or simply like to get a great deal, run on in there and check it out.  Dresses run from long and grand to short, and while some are in the Kardashian-esque look generally stocked in your typical prom dress specialty store, they also carry a variety of less cliched styles.

I left that store too early in my shopping expedition to make my purchase decision, with no less than three styles set aside as exciting possibilities!

I can’t stop shopping!  And why should I?  Why should you?  For more store reviews, fashion events and the ocassional “stuff that really matters” follow me by email by clicking follow in the top right corner of the page, or on Instagram @something_cliche

For more about Scarlet, visit their Facebook page.

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2 thoughts on “Scarlet: Glamour for Less at Vaughan Mills

  1. how you doing and hows life going? Long time no talk.

  2. Diana

    Found your comment…did you know this store closed down? I had heard similar things about Scarlet and was hoping to find a prom dress for my daughter there…do you have any suggestions for other dress stores with similar styles to Scarlet? I was at my son’s grad last year and specifically asked one of his classmates where she found her dress…it was beautiful, not too short or revealing. She bought it at Scarlet, of course!

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. We live near Vaughan Mills.

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