Retail Alert: hr2!

I wanted to skip school on Friday. Coincidentally, Friday was the opening of hr2 in the Toronto area, the lower-priced line of Holt Renfrew stores. Hr2 now has two stores open: one at Quartier DIX30 in Montreal, Quebec and the other in Vaughan Mills Mall near Toronto.  Also–near ME!

hr2 vaughan mills

Hr2 is more price-conscious than the original Holt Renfrew, with flashing signs telling you the prices. It is the same sort of fantastic, well-chosen collection of clothing but at a price appropriate for the consumer without unlimited spending money yet.

pink tartan at hr2

The new store carries some familiar labels and also some fresh, new ones that you don’t see everywhere else.  How refreshing in our chain-store brand-saturated world!  There is a men’s department as well and a great selection of accessories.

djs at hr2 vaughan mills

DJs at the entrance to hr2

Definitely worth checking out for those looking for something new, lots of selection in one place and a cost-conscious approach to all of the latest!

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7 thoughts on “Retail Alert: hr2!

  1. Wow, nice. I will have to check it out.

  2. Thanks. I am looking for a nice wallet. Maybe they will have a heavily discounted designer one there. haven’t been to Vaughn mills in a long time. I know Holt Renfrew is opening at Square one Mississauga but it is not the outlet kind.

    • Vaughan Mills is SO much better now than it used to be–you should check it out for sure. The new hr2 isn’t a discount store–it’s just designers that are much less pricey than the original HR stores carry. hr2 is in the location the Holts Last Call discount store used to be in but the merchandise is all new now instead of “last call”.

  3. I can’t believe this! I had no idea about hr2! I went to Holts Bloor last week and they had clearance stuff incredibly cheap – my mom got Jbrands for 30 bucks. 30. bucks. They had Isabel Marant for 30 bucks too. They didn’t have my size, the one time I wish I was bigger….

    • Yes, definitely check it out. Your comment makes me wonder about them getting rid of their Last Call store–maybe they are having to discount the merchandise in the main stores faster to get rid of it. The hr2 is in the former Last Call location.

  4. Unreal! Sooo excited! Definitely hitting up vaughan mills asap!

  5. Reblogged this on Wear Out There and commented:
    While I hope to focus on shopping in waterloo region, if you’re heading to vaughan anytime soon, definitely check out hr2! I’m sure you won’t be dissappointed!

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