The Weather is Laughing at Me

Today is the first day of spring. It is not spring outside. I, however, have spring clothes. Since I can’t wear them, I’m going to share them with you.

If you couldn’t tell from my post “Top Ten: Spring 2013’s Best Fashion Trends“, I’m a huge fan of black and white graphic for spring.

This is my homage to black and white graphic.

Whatever I spend on this look will be a good investment because black and white pieces always look chic.


But in truth, I did not spend that much. ♥ Forever 21!

“If you can’t find a partner use a wooden chair . . .”

My Calvin Klein black heels were perfect with this look because the upper is formed of many black lines which repeat the black lines in the shirt and pants.

In case of drafts, my trusty black leather jacket is in keeping with the slightly edgy attitude of the other pieces.

This vintage Mexican bracelet with black onyx was borrowed from my mother. Ladies, always remember that your mom probably has some good things tucked away that are a better quality than you might be able to pick up at the local mall.

Beauty-wise, black cat-eye liner continues the graphic theme. Of course with a really styled eye, you should use a really neutral lip.

Lipstick: Lise Walter “Plumpissimo”   |   Lip liner: Inspire Cosmetics “Pretty”   |   Lip gloss: Quo Lip Temptation   |   Eye liner: MAC “Photogravure”


. . .use a wooden chair . . . or a cat!


A sleek, flat-ironed ponytail is also in theme.

What I’m wearing:

Shirt: Forever 21 (here)

Pants: Forever 21 (here)

Jacket: Joe Fresh

Bracelet: Mom’s closet

Heels: Calvin Klein Shoes

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29 thoughts on “The Weather is Laughing at Me

  1. Black & white looks nice! Where is the cat from? 😉

  2. La tua sensualità, il tuo fascino, la tua bellezza…vestono i colori dell’Amore!!!
    Un abbraccio e un bacio per Te meravigliosa Donna

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  4. Nicely done! Your passion for the world of fashion really shows.

  5. Cool pics, you’re so pretty! And owww kitty!!!

  6. F. Meingast | Halldóra

    Wonderful your initiative to publish a photoessay of yours! You are very expressive and have a beautiful natural smile 😉

    • Thanks so much! I find as I do more photos, the expressions come more naturally to me.

      • F. Meingast | Halldóra

        You are welcome! And you are right… The more you do it, the more easily you discover and realize the beautiful and personal potential that already exists in yourself 😉

  7. ralph_de

    I enjoy watching beautiful women modeling beautiful clothes but I enjoyed yours more .Thanks for sharing your art and beauty.

  8. Very nice, not sure I could pull it off though. X

  9. you’re so pretty and stylish! i admire you dear! 🙂

  10. nice kitty…..

  11. “If you can’t find a partner, use a wooden chair.”

    Where have I heard that line before? Maybe in a song? That sounds SO familiar!

    • I’ll give you a hint – the next words are:
      Let’s rock
      Everybody, let’s rock
      Everybody in the whole cell block…

      • Oh, “Jailhouse Rock!” Thank you, thank you very much…. Now I have a question for you, since you’re a fashion person. I noticed you were wearing a leather jacket in one of your photos. This afternoon, I bought a black leather jacket at a yard sale. I didn’t really CHOOSE to buy it … you see, the lady who lives upstairs kind of pressured me into buying it when I went outside to check the mail. She only took me for three dollars, so it wasn’t that big of a rip-off. But here’s the problem: the thing stinks horribly. It smells like somebody died in it. When the lady talked me into trying it on, the inside of it felt damp and sweaty …. yeah, I know, it’s disgusting. I’m sorry for grossing you out. But I’m wondering if there is any way I can clean this awful thing. I don’t know of any way to WASH leather. Can I take it to a dry cleaner, maybe? Or should I just sling it in the dumpster … like, right now? It’s hanging on a chair on the other side of the room and I can smell it all the way over here. Gag, gag, gag, gag.

        • “Thank you, thank you very much” – perfect! About the jacket, you could hang it outside overnight to air out if its not going to rain. Many dry cleaners have professional leather cleaners that they can send your things to. So yes, definitely I would do that. Sounds like you got such a great deal on that jacket and I really hope that you get the smell out of it and can enjoy it!

          • Cool. Thanks for the advice! I appreciate that. I’ll stop at the dry cleaner on Monday and ask about it. Have a good night!

  12. Dolcissima creatura di bellezza
    Buona Pasqua!!
    Con affetto

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  14. Love that Jacket.

  15. Haven’t been scrolling or l that long but honestly, I love what I’m seeing! I think simplicity when dressing is powerful!

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