Big “News” in Manicures

Okay, this is way too easy.


When my sister was around for the holidays in December, she told me she was going to newspaper my nails. (“You’re going to what??”) Since she showed me this easy manicure, I’ve been playing around with it and getting comments non-stop from everyone who sees it. From what I’ve heard, very few people actually know how to do this, which is a crime. So for those of you who love nail art and are always looking for something new to try, or people like me who thought nail art was way too difficult to ever have amazing nails: here’s the tutorial for you.

What you need:

  • Base coat nail polish
  • Your nail polish (I highly recommend very light colors since the black print of the newspaper won’t show up on anything very dark.)
  • Slightly darker nail polish for the accent nail (optional)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Newspaper (preferably with a bold print)
  • Top coat nail polish

1. If you’re using a base coat, apply it now. My favourite is Revlon’s Quick-Dry Base Coat.

The nail polishes I used: Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat, Revlon “Chic” 480, Revlon “Eclectic” 580, Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat

2. Paint your nails the way you normally would. You can do an accent nail of a different color if you like. If you do, you can either use a darker color and not newspaper it or use another light color and newspaper everything. For accent nails, shade-on-shade usually looks best. I decided to newspaper my mom’s nails, so below is a photo of her nails at this step.


It’s your choice if you want the accent nail – all one color will turn out great too.

3. To prevent chipping and prolong your manicure, run a finger along the very end of your nail to wipe away the paint on the tip. This way when it dries it won’t chip from hitting things when you use your hands.
wipe ends of nails


4. Let your nails dry fully.

5. Dip your nail in a small bowl of rubbing alcohol for a few seconds, then immediately proceed to step 6. I find if you wait too long, the newspaper is more likely to stick in your nail.

dip in rubbing alcohol

6. Quickly press your nail into the centre of the text in an article. Make sure your nail ends up somewhere with as much text as possible. Press the paper to your nail for about 80 seconds, making sure to press all over the nail so that the text goes on properly. When taking the paper off your nail, peel it slowly back.TIP: If any newspaper sticks, wet the corner of a rough facecloth or towel and scrub firmly without pressing too hard, then dry the nail with the dry part of facecloth.

7. Seal your nails with a top coat. Make sure to get under the tips of your nails with the topcoat to seal out moisture and preserve your artwork longer. Using a top coat also makes the whole manicure look better because makes the nails shine. top coat

That’s it! I was awed by how cool this looked with so little effort.


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17 thoughts on “Big “News” in Manicures

  1. Great tutorial! You make it look so straightforward.

  2. I did the same exact thing yesterday, on white nail polish. Looks great on blue too 🙂

    • Thanks! I probably would use white if I had it – that’s actually a huge gap in my nail polish collection, since so much can be done with white.

  3. fernigan

    Im going to have to try this!
    thats really cool 😀

  4. OMG, That looks awesome! xx

  5. How very nifty! Love ’em. 🙂 I’ll recommend this post to my friend Courtney, she is an avid nail artist. Her self-manicures never cease to amaze me.

    • I like this one since it’s so easy– I’m definitely not very artistic but there’s always that one friend with the perfect manicure.

  6. I clicked to follow. This was a cool post and very fun. I have very short nails but this could make me grow them just to do this trick.

    • My nails are shorter than I would like– they’re really weak and break if I try to grow them out. You don’t really need your nails to be that long to do this, but it probably looks better. My mom is modelling the manicure in these photos; I’m always jealous of how perfectly shaped hers are.

  7. Porsche Simpson

    I am so trying this over the weekend!

  8. OMG! I can’t wait to try that out!! Love your blog and followed! Please check mine out as well:)

  9. I love it !! definitely I going to try it…

  10. Ahhh, I have been wanting to do this for soo long but not known how – thank you!! x

  11. creative idea and cheaper too! i love it, thanks for sharing!

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