Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down: 2012 Holiday Dressing

The season of holiday excursions is well upon us!  Once or twice a week, we pull things madly out of our closets and try to piece together a look for one of the many levels of festive that are called for in this season.

Sunday was the annual open house of family friends.  This is the kind of party where you could see people dressed in anything from sweatshirts and jeans to Yves St. Laurent and David Yurman.  In  my home, it is sort of a family policy that, when in doubt, take it up a notch.  Err on the side of more rather than less.  Compliment the efforts of your hosts by wearing clothes that say “your event is special”.

Alright, PERFECT excuse to wear this little skirt in my closet that I always want to wear, but seldom have an excuse (sound familiar?), and that can easily be dressed up or down.

This little skirt is a creation of my mom’s, actually.  She had gold lamé type fabric lying around the house, calling out to be used.  Just don’t even ask me!  I have worn this skirt before, dressed down a bit, with my T-Party tee shirt shown in this post.  For Sunday, though, I wanted to dress it up, so I went to my favourite and most convenient shopping resource, The Mother’s Closet, and found this black, boned ANNEX brand shirt.  This is a brand I’m not familiar with–has anyone else seen this around?

To fill in the open neck a little I did something I felt was odd but which worked:  I put my black and white sheer tank from Dynamite underneath.  I felt odd about adding black and white pattern to gold and black, but in fact I think the outfit might have been a little boring without this unexpected element.  Which goes to prove that you never know unless you try new things!


I like bare legs, but have started wearing tights because of fashion shows.  With this outfit, I wore black tights which I loved!  Since this isn’t a fashion show, though, I did forfeit my black stilettos before I left to avoid towering over other people my age, and wore my quilted black flats (right) that you also saw in my Marc Jacobs look post.

I took it easy on jewellery because a metallic skirt or top is like a jewel in and of itself and doesn’t necessarily need any more embellishment.

Styling Tip #1 Repeat any element of your outfit to get a really put-together impact.  You can easily see where I have repeated colour in this outfit (black, mostly), but note that the toe flower on the shoes is identical in shape to the flower appliques on the skirt.  Also, the flower is black but the gold metallic trim on the top of it is a little bonus, tying things tightly together in theme.

Styling Tip #2:  This year, glitz is considered perfectly casual, so don’t hesitate to mix tee-shirts with sequins and gold lamé with combat boots (which was a viable option here, as well)!!

A little dressed-up and a little dressed down was perfectly comfortable for a casual holiday drop-in.

Shirt:  Annex

Skirt:  My mom’s design

Shoes in photos:  Guess by Marciano

Shoes I wore:  Lindsay Phillips from Town Shoes

What do you do when you aren’t sure what other people will be wearing?  Do you have a strategy of your own for this situation?  Please share in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down: 2012 Holiday Dressing

  1. Cute skirt!

    xo, Courtney

  2. stunning and gorgeous 🙂 really, you look like Bollywood star Katrina Kaif. Check her out.

  3. Super chic!! Happy happy Holidays! xxx

  4. You look gorgeous!

  5. Brittany Alexander

    Hey I nominated you for the Reality Blog Award. Go to http://insidepublicminds.wordpress.com/2012/12/27/reality-blog-award/ to check it out.

  6. st sahm

    Incredible outfit! Great hair!

  7. May your life just make beautiful things , the soul remains eternally young and tender , all you desire shall be yours, and just let the tears of joy . Happy new year!

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