Vintage, Classic and Christmas Shopping

I went to the mall (again, sorry) last night to start working on my Christmas List!  Yes, to get ideas for others and tell Santa all about what I see.  Santa, are you reading this?

For my most recent malling, this is what I wore:

Vintage suede pigskin jacket from my mom’s closet

Leopard print top from Dynamite layered over my red tank top

Black jeans are from a store near where I live called Flipside

Combat boots are Bear Traps

Looking through the mall and trying things on for hours, I fell in love with this Classic British-style houndstooth jacket with elbow patches at Zara.

I really could use a blazer, and this one is just casual enough for my lifestyle, but I could also use a warm, casual coat for winter because mine isn’t so . . . “fashionista” anymore and I just have my dressier one.  I am looking at this gorgeous one from Zara, but I can’t find it in my local Zara store.  So help me:  which one?!!  What’s your advice–tell me below in the comments.

This is the only winter coat I currently have.

Which do I need more: a casual winter jacket or the houndstooth jacket above?

And as always, follow me on Instagram @something_cliche

44 days until Christmas!!

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17 thoughts on “Vintage, Classic and Christmas Shopping

  1. I love your jacket with the elbow patches !

  2. Max Whicher

    nice post. im surprised they let you take these pictures in the store, but im sure theres some sort of advertising kickback you could get

  3. Houndstooth for sure!

  4. Houndstooth, most definitely! It’s adorable.

  5. The houndstooth jacket is darling!

  6. Another vote for the houndstooth. It looks very sharp.

  7. I`m pretty sure you need both….need being a key word here.

    I love that all your clothes are a one stop shop at the local mall…and afforable enough for the regular broke city girl.

    • Well I’m pretty sure I do to, but I’ll have to convince Santa of that. Feel free to slip a word into your Christmas letter on my behalf.

      Well not ALL of them are a one stop show, but I definitely try to be efficient that way.

  8. I am all about the jacket with the patches:)

  9. The jacket is really nice!

  10. OMG i love all of ur vintage jacket ^___^ looks really nice on you ^__^

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