How to Dress for a World Premiere

As promised the other day, I am blogging about my trip to the Toronto International Film Festival (“TIFF”) on Sunday.
Before I start I want to give a big thank you to my new followers because the whole point of posting is to share it with you!
On Sunday I went back down into Toronto. Can I just say that I love this city and each time I go into Toronoto, it’s a whole outing on its own. Toronto is still in a festive mood that started last Thursday , due to all the events taking place at once in the city, but mainly due to TIFF.  If anyone wants to go to TIFF in the future, I would advise buying tickets in June, as many shows are sold out after that.

I went to see the world premiere of The Lesser Blessed, a Canadian-made film about teenagers coming of age and “conquering their demons” in a rural city. The protagonist is played by a native Canadian, Joel Evans, who was literally plucked out of the hallway of his Northwest Territories high school and asked to take the starring role.

Co-starring are Benjamin Bratt (from Modern Family) and and Kiowa Gordon (a hot werewolf from Twilight). The film was powerful and portrayed what life is really like for teenagers in remote, rural communities, particularly native Canadians, something I and many others have never seen. Secondly it has a universal appeal in that we all go through that part of growing up where we don’t feel like we fit and we are struggling to survive all the difficulties that growing up throws at us.

What I Wore

There is something weird about juxtaposing something as seemingly trivial as fashion against the harsh realities covered in this film.  Nonetheless, to see a profound film you still have to get dressed in something. So below is what I wore:

Zara chiffon shirt, My Tribe leather pants, Calvin Klein cage shoes, graduated hematite necklace from my mom’s closet.

On the whole, I was very pleased with this outfit.   I was not dressed for a ball like the director of the movie, top photo blue dress.  Nor was I dressed too casually. In other words, slightly upscale but not “trying too hard”  I felt that I was in a position, if fate presented itself (which it did not) to run into Ryan Gosling and at least try to take his attention away from that . . . Eva person.

After the premiere, we had an opportunity to personally tell the author of the book on which the movie was based how much we enjoyed it!

Then we strolled about the neighborhood and managed to view a few stars which I was not familiar enough with to name.  I would appreciate any comments from readers telling me who any of these people are:

The film I saw was screened away from most of the hubub associated with the Festival, so we did not see any of the major stars and, sadly, Ryan missed me 😦

However, TIFF is on this week and through next weekend, so you never know!


Those are the stars from The Lesser Blessed in the background


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5 thoughts on “How to Dress for a World Premiere

  1. You’re leather tights! Where did you get them? I’ve been on the look out but haven’t found any that I love. Let me know!

    • My sister got them in a store called Dots in Victoria BC, but I know that the brand is My Tribe and you might be able to order them online. Here’s the website:
      Also I saw some at H&M a few days ago but I didn’t try them on so I don’t know how they fit. Let me know where you find some.

  2. wow you attended that? Amazing. BTW if you dont mind to tell then can I ask that are you single?

    • I really don’t post personal stuff like that on the internet, it’s more supposed to be a fashion blog, but I guess it’s safe to say I’m not married. No Bollywood romances for me yet!

  3. okay and sorry if my question bothered you. I dont think so that you’d have any trouble for being loved like a Bollywood queen because you’re a lovely, sensible and gorgeous girl. Here I’m to offer you passionate and emotional Bollywood love if you give it a chance. I’m sure you’re a deeply and emotionally romantic girl. Do you use Facebook or something else like that? BTW you can trust me because I’m not a ghost or something like this. One of my uncles lives in Michigan and my most favorite and sweetest aunt lives in Texas.

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