Hello, snow…

Hi World, this is my first post as A Matter of Instinct.

Yesterday, I enjoyed the winter wonderland of the Toronto suburbs by going to my awesome best friend’s house and playing in the snow.


We jammed for a while on the guitar, before running around the yard, hugging some trees and asking out random rubber penguins decorating her yard. Sorry, Mumble, we’re taken.

Because this is a fashion blog, I won’t bore you too long with our escapades, but I will tell you what I wore to stay warm and attract the penguins. When it comes to winter dressing, fashion and function have to make a truce. In other words, I try to look good without freezing. Is that a matter of instinct? My outfit in these wild scenes of Arctic bliss includes this lovely Canada Goose parka–it’s not mine, but I covet one. I am also wearing my all-time favorite William Rast jeans, which you are going to see me in a few more times if you come back to my blog.

For jumping in the snow, I have borrowed my sister’s fur-lined, weather resistant Skecher boots because I want to keep my own boots looking nice. (Is that bad??) They have good treads on the bottom. Underneath the jacket, I’m wearing a short sleeved grey Tommy Hilfiger hoodie that is fitted and always feels like the right thing, and under that is  my sheer black and white tank from Dynamite. Last but not least, random mismatched gloves top off my outfit in the quirky custom of certain members of my family to put mismatched items on the ends of their limbs. (Sister…where’s my other pink sock???)

To go out for dinner après snow, I just changed into this more tailored purple plaid jacket. Sorry, everyone, no details on this jacket due to inattentive borrowing.

Oh, the versatility of neutral dressing.

Well, that sums up yesterday’s clothes. And now I’m off to get dressed.

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